Men’s Group Counselling with Dr. Dadson



The Men’s Life Review Group

Only a few spots left for The Men’s Life Review Group is happening on April 19th, 2024, 5:30-10:00 pm, April 20th 9:00-5:00 pm , April 21st 9:00-5:00 pm.

Change is Possible!
Join our team of men to review the significant life experiences that have shaped how we see ourselves as men, who we are as sons and/or as fathers. Criteria for involvement includes the ability to give and receive support as a part of a team, to maintain privacy, and to help the group to accomplish its goals. Additional rules of engagement will be developed within the group itself.

As a group, we aim to find, explore and work together to overcome the barriers that keep us from experiencing growth as men. We plan to leverage this intensive weekend of change to reach for more of our potential as individuals.

Phone: 778-554-0174

On location at the Gentle Currents clinic group room. Cost is 1200.00 for the weekend and lunch is included.

Men’s Mental Health Support Groups with Dr. Michael Dadson
Dr. Michael Dadson has created a new Men’s Group Program to address the ongoing mental health crisis in men.
According to Dr. Dadson:
Cultural conditioning is a major barrier, preventing men from entering into mental health care. Numerous studies indicate when it comes to men and their mental health, their issues are minimised and there are enormous obstacles facing men when they are in need of mental health support. Socialized to be a family provider, it is common for workplaces to undervalue men’s emotions and relationships unless they relate to the objectives within their scope of work.
With the primary barriers of cultural conditioning and gender conflict, facing men, more often than not, they prevent men from seeking mental health support, help, or engaging in activities that would support their mental health. Further, these barriers present serious challenges for men as it affects their ability to interact in relationships with significant others, including their children. Having some awareness, and the ability to express emotions and making space for others to express theirs can often be impaired.
Becoming more skilled at emotional availability and emotional expression, affect a men’s ability to reach for help with mental health concerns such as addictions, anger management, anxiety, PTSD, adjustment issues and life transitions. Dr. Dadson understands these specific issues and will guide and support you to develop these important emotional life skills.
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Men’s Counselling

Michael Dadson indicates, “Research shows that men are unlikely to enter counselling and only 15 % of clients are individual men receiving counselling services.”
Dr. Dadson states:
I believe these stats don’t reflect men’s desire or ability to change and adapt, but it rather reflects the ineffectiveness of the counselling profession to offer services that are relevant to male culture. The current politicization of gender diversity and the changing landscape of what is expected by men adds to the skepticism of the social sciences for many men.
These cultural differences are reflected in the way men approach trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety, stress and couples counselling among many other mental health challenges.
Michael Dadson has conducted advanced academic research have specialized training on how to provide the best counselling services for men. As well, Dr. Dadson has trained counsellors and psychologist nationally and internationally on how to bridge the cultural divide between male culture and counselling services. It is up to the counsellor to effectively bridge this divide. Contact Michael Dadson here for information about men’s counselling
Contact Michael Dadson here for information about men’s counselling
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Father Son Counselling

Highly specialised in the area of father and son counselling, Dr. Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson) spent years in university researching fatherly relationships and the relationship to childhood emotional injuries. Dr. Dadson’s findings from his research can be read in the published research paper “The Influence of Fathers’ Involvement on Sons’ Health” .

Contact Michael Dadson here for information about men’s counselling or father son counselling.

Help for You and Your Son

“Research now recognizes the important role a father plays in the cognitive skills and long-term emotional well-being life of his child” notes Dr. Dadson.
Dr. Michael Dadson can help fathers understand their past parental relationships and the impact of how that relationship now plays out with their son.
With a depth of experience and long-standing success delivering father-son relationship counselling, Dr. Dadson can support you to enhance your father son relationship.