Couples Counselling

Divorce is all too often one of the most expensive times in our life. However, research shows with the proper therapy and a trained clinical counsellor, couples can achieve long lasting positive results that can make an enormous difference in the connection couples share. Couples counselling is extremely satisfying as the effort put into a relationship brings rewards that can be life lasting. However, there may be times to consider leaving your relationship when violence or sexual abuse is involved. It is important to have the support of a trained clinical counsellor during this process.

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Couple Counselling
Couples Group Counselling

Couples Group Counselling


In response to the critical need for couples to build communication skills, Dr. Michael Dadson has created a new program for couples. These skills can be learned either in group or through individual sessions.

Dr. Dadson identifies:

Couples can lack the intrapersonal and interpersonal skills to establish deep and lasting intimacy which allows the relationship to grow through time.

Sometimes, injuries from the past traumatic events and abuse can interfere with typical couples counselling processes. Seeing a skilled counsellor that understands how trauma can affect couples work in situations like these is highly recommended.

Who Can Benefit from the Group:
Couples having difficulty or who are suffering from a wide variety of issues, including the following, can benefit from Dr. Michael Dadson’s couple’s workgroup:
About the Program:
Developing the intrapersonal and interpersonal relationship skills you need to deepen intimacy and make your love last
Couple Adjustment Issues

Knowing and being known means deepening your understanding of each other.

Acquire communication skills that resolve conflict, heal and mending ruptures and deepen security and closeness in your love life.

Learn communication around the art of listening, sending, and receiving messages that build your relationship from the inside out.

Learn to Listen for Understanding:

Pause, reflect, consider you own emotional state of mind.

Attending to the micro-relationship messages in the eyes, the face, the tone and volume.

Interpreting by recognizing you are trying to understand. The message belongs to the other person.

Reflecting and checking to see if you are interpreting correctly.

Pause attend respond to yes. Pause attend to no.

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The goal is to help your partner to not only be understood but to feel understood.

Understanding Talking to be Known.

Become aware of your own inner state of mind.

Learn to notice the micro-relationship messages you are sending.

Use the “I” statement and describe your own thoughts, feeling and needs without “projecting” with the “you statement.

Respect the pace of the person listening. Go slow and take breaks to ask them if they are following.

Stay on one topic and provide the space to be heard.

Other Group Topics
Program Purpose and Goals
This dynamic psychoeducational, process orientated group, will provide couples with an overview of the skills necessary to build lasting, loving relationships.
The group will provide couples with advanced communication skills and the opportunity to practise those sills under the supervision of a Registered Clinical Counsellor. As part of the process orientated experience of the group, participants will give and receive direct strength building feedback from their partner and other participants.
As part of the process orientated experience of the group, participants will give and receive direct strength building feedback from their partner and other participants.
What part of your relationship is the most important to take on in the group? Is it trust, conflict resolution, anger management, grief or loss, depression, or some other goal?
The Approach: Intensive Work Group for Couples
Led by renowned men’s mental health specialist, Dr. Michael Dadson:
$1,500.00 per person includes 20 hours of counselling approved by Blue Cross.

Dr. Michael Dadson Identifies 5 Issues that May Cause Trouble for Couples
For more information about couples counselling visit Dr. Dadson’s Blog here.
About Couples Counselling with Dr. Dadson

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Family Counselling with Dr. Dadson

Family relationships can be especially important in our lives even when there is a dysfunctional past, or a history of abuse. Needing to have that connection to our primary care givers and siblings can remain an important part of our identify. Read more on Traits of Dysfunctional Families here

Family origin issues or a lack of skills can interfere with our efforts to connect and have healthy relationships with those we care about most. Given the complexity of society today, family interactions, connections and transitions can be difficult to manage.
If you are struggling as a family, parent or with your child, we believe getting the right kind of support can provide benefits to you and your most important relationships.
At Gentle Currents Therapy, we are trained to access research-based therapies that offer real help and ultimately transformation, , we listen to who you are and the needs of you and your family.
Discover the skills, support, and insight we provide that can make a world of difference to you and your family.

Individual Counselling

with Dr. Dadson

With more than 30 years of counselling and training experience, Dr. Dadson is also certified in an extensive variety of therapies and diagnostic screening methods. Dr. Michael Dadson applies these therapies and screening techniques to each individual and their unique situation.

With a non-judgemental approach, in a safe, comfortable surrounding Dr. Mike Dadson will support you and work with you to understand the underlying source that may be playing a role in unhealthy thought patterns, feelings, or behaviours.

Individual therapy presents an opportunity to receive counselling on a one-on one basis with Dr. Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson). Life issues and mental health issues such as anxiety, addiction, anger management, trauma/PTSD, depression, stress, grief, coping skills, relationship breakdowns, or other life challenges can be addressed during individual therapy.

Dr. Mike Dadson employs various types of clinically accepted and proven therapy methods for individual counseling sessions.
In a safe, caring, and confidential environment, Dr. Dadson can help you recognize and understand symptoms of the underlying root cause/s of your issues to provide strategies for changing unwanted thoughts, feelings and or behaviors.