Time to Physically Leave Your Relationship

Signs it is Time to Physically Leave Your Relationship

Counselling can help in the worst situations in life and if there is violence in the home there is help. Counsellors do need to take action but only by the threat of immediate death, the immediate risk of a child’s well-being and by court orders imposed by judges with legal grounds.

There is a pattern of violence toward you or your children.

Your children are being sexually abused.

There is regular verbal abuse and shaming of you or your children.

There have been threats made to your life or your children.

You or your children have been traumatised by your partner and your partner will not seek help.

Signs it MAY be Time to Leave your Partner

Weighing your investment in the relationship over against the problems you are facing in the relationship consider:

One or both of you passion, love and interest

The relationship is constant work with little satisfaction

You want to make the relationship work. Your partner will not invest the time or resources to seek help, make adjustments or help grow the relationship

You are hurting and want change but your partner ignores and minimizes your feelings

Couples who have children together and their lives are deeply blended with each other relationally, financially and socially, may weigh the options and discover that risking seeking help with a good couples therapist may be the best option available to them.Research shows that 70% of couples who participate in couples counselling increase their overall satisfaction with their relationship and decrease the dissatisfaction.