What Results Can I Expect from Couples Counselling?

Dr. Dadson relates “Depending on the issues you face as a couple, your goals as a couple
and your progress rate, will all vary the results you can expect to see in couples counseling.

Results couples can expect to see in therapy:

Improved communication: When a couples finds there is a reduction in misunderstandings, conflicts, and feelings of resentment, it is a sign they are effective in communicating more effectively and openly with each other improved.

Increased intimacy: As couples learn to communicate their needs and desires more effectively and build deeper emotional connections with each other, you and your partner should see an improvement in emotional and physical intimacy.

Resolution of specific issues: Couples may address specific issues, such as financial concerns or disagreements, infidelity, differences in the style of parenting and unresolved emotional roadblocks. Long lasting relationships, me be experiencing unresolved emotional gridlock emotional patterns of conflict that may be resolve and improved through therapy.

Increased empathy and understanding: With a good couples therapist, couples often develop a more positive and supportive relationship, through finding a deeper connection, understanding and empathy for each other.

Increased problem-solving skills: Couples can develop more effective problem-solving skills that will support them to work through existing or new challenges in their relationship.

Increased gratitude and appreciation for the work your partner is willing to do to improve your relationship. Often lifetime relationships have benefits that are worth working for and witnessing your partner growing and working on themselves for the purposes of improving their relationship with you can be very meaningful and rewarding. It's important to keep in mind that progress in couples counseling can be gradual, and that therapy is not a quick fix.

There is no quick fix in couples counselling. It takes time to engrain the emotional patterns that can make us feel stuck and hopeless. Several sessions or even months of therapy are not uncommon before a couple will see significant improvements in a relationship. However, with hard work and commitment from both partners, research has shown that couples counseling and couples therapy can lead to long- term positive changes in a relationship.